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This is another one of my OCs, he's going to be used in my Dragona Pine Starting Point fanfic.

Name: Cabader. He has no last name.

Age: 90, looks nothing.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Cabader hardly speaks, he only says something when spoken to or he has an idea. If he's set on a mission, he will complete it under any circumstances and protect his friends whilst doing so. He can kill people with no regret, but will protect the innocent and people who he cares about. In battle he is ruthless and deadly.


Sorry about the mix up with pictures there, I tried to get them right but it didn't work. So, to sum up: Black Motorcycle helmet, a black jacket which he has zipped up all the time, black outdoor/motorcycle trousers, black outdoor gloves and black outdoor boots. He never takes them off, and never changes.

Nationality: English.

Accent: Synthesised and robotic, but more human than the traditional robot voice. Speaks without using apostrophes, like instead of "I'm", "I am."

History: He was a soldier in WWII, fighting on the border between Germany and France. After a successful take-over of an enemy trench, he was shot five times by a German machine gun. He died from his injuries, but his spirit didn't move on.
A few hours after he was killed, his spirit was found by a dark mage called Travisan. Travisan made a body for Cabader out of pieces of a broken soul catcher, Cabader's old uniform and parts of the machine gun that had killed him. His head was the barrel of the machine gun, and his body was infused with magic so that it could operate, and he could fire bullets from his head. His arms could form blades and other assorted weapons. He used his machine gun head to kill the six German soldiers who had killed him.
After getting his revenge, he realised he couldn't remember anything from his previous life except for his death, and became more aware of the world.
He realised that Travisan was about to destroy the world by summoning Faceless Ones to Earth, and set about stopping him.
The fight lasted three hours, and in which time, Cabader suffered twenty two blows to the head, from bolts of magic which Travisan fired at him. He should have died again from his injuries, but he suffered no physical wounds.
To test his newly found immortality, he set himself against another German machine gun. He was hit forty times in the chest and head, but the bullets bounced back at the machine gun and made it explode, killing the soldiers.
He remained in the war until it ended, and then was lonely until the year 1998, where he found a friend.
Cabader met Thor in a bar, when he was 4, and with his mum, despite the fact it is impossible for Cabader to eat or drink. A few years later, when Thor was 9, he found a way to change what Cabader's body looked like, after an accident, and found suitable clothing for him. The clothing Thor gave him is his permenant outfit, but with a few modifications.
The arms are made of metal, and he can sprout blades from his wrists, knuckles, elbows and shoulders. In his forearm, he can slide out the machine gun that killed him and fire bullets from it.
He was an elemental before he died, and traces of his powers remain.
He is only called in by the Sanctuary under extreme circumstances, such as Faceless Ones and possible global destruction.

Powers: Cabader is indestructable to any form of violence that hits him. As he is a spirit wearing clothes, he cannot get hurt. The materials that contain him are indestructable also, so his clothes cannot wear, or get ripped by anything. Blades bend, or bounce off him, bullets are sent back to the person who fired them and bones will break on any violent contact with him. As he was an elemental before he died, he can control fire. It's the only trace of his once great power that remains, but he is a master at it. Oddly, his visor for his helmet glows orange when he controls flames.
Due to the parts of the soul catcher in his clothing, and it contains a good spirit, it glows white instead of throbbing black like ordinary soul catchers. On a night, cracks of white light can be seen through the gaps of his clothing and the last person to call him "The Human Nightlight" was unfortunately killed by a hail of machine gun bullets that hit him in the head at point blank range.

Weapons: As said in the history, Cabader can sprout weapons from his arms due to robotic implants made by Thor, using parts of weapons that Travisan made for him. He is a master at using his machine gun, killing people with blades that he can make shorter or longer to his will, but he can also fire shrukiens at enemies.

Friends: Thor, Kallista Pendragon, Israel Elysium, Grindor Blackout and Aquila Felis. The only people who know of his existence and past who are not part of the sanctuary.

Phrase To Sum Him Up: "He's not a bad guy, he's just a very twisted good guy."


  1. LOL I love the last Phrase!
    WEll done Dragona! VEry creative oc ! I love it all!

  2. Enigmatic!

    LOL It's great Dragona! I like how you came of with the concept of him being a spirit! (because a spirit can't be killed)


  3. OMG he sounds awesome and scary!!

  4. I like him because he protects his friends and he sounds altro cool

  5. Without a motorbike next to him, or in summer, this guy'll probably attract quite a lot of attention...

    *imagines him walking around her town in summer, with everyone else wearing short clothes*
    ...yes, definitely not suspicious... ^^

    But he sounds like a good fighter, so I guess he'll be fine. ^^

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  7. Very twisted good guy.....good quote :D

    Like the sound of this guy:D Nice job.

  8. I already love this character. Good Job, Dragona. Sorry for the late post -- my older brother turned off the modem before I could type anything.

  9. When you said looks nothing what did you mean by that? Is he invisible?

    Well I know he's not but explain the phrase for me.

    I really love this guy. I love the quote too :)

    Very clever concept.

  10. It's Pretty cool, I love this OC it's really nice and I'm not fibbing on this one

  11. Awwww......

    your not continuing Darkness wat a shame

    i was enjoying that story

  12. LOL i love the sum up phrase "He's not a bad guy, he's just a very twisted good guy."

  13. I loved the last line! Awesome OC! =D