Monday, 24 October 2011

Unit 13

A group which I will be doing a fanfic on, as soon as I've finished these OCs.

Name: Unit 13 - (no one knows the names of the members) Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta (code names).

Ages: Unknown.

Appearances: Every single member wears silver body armour, and silver full-face helmets. As shown below (HALO picture, just concentrate on the helmet and the body armour):

Personalities: Unknown.

Magical Abilities: All of them are Elementals.

Occupation: A squad of ex-soldiers who have saved the world more times than any of them can remember. They are usually employed by the Sanctuary, but need no help from them to be moved into taking action against a bad guy.

Weapons: Each of them carries a XM8 Prototype rifle, and have near-perfect aiming. That is only their main weapon: They carry pistols, swords and knives as well. On top of that, their body armour enhances their muscles due to robotics, and makes them extra-strong. Beta and Epsilon have specialised weapons, as Beta is a good engineer, and Epsilon is a good sniper, however, they both carry XM8 rifles as well.

Mode of Transport: A black Apache helicopter, as they generally parachute into target locations. Zeta (the pilot) normally says with the helicopter during missions, for a quick get away.

History: The group was formed during the magical war with Mevolent. They led a strike team into Lord Vile's HQ, and faced him, but only managed to injure him, before he escaped. It is rumoured they have something to do with the death of Mevolent himself, but it is unknown what.
During every large battle in the last century, they have been involved in, in some way. They are more of a strike team than an actual army.

Fighting Style-

Alpha, the squad leader, was the first to jump out of the black Apache helicopter. The rotar blades thudded around them in regular motions, and the dark sky was perfect for their stealth. Alpha went into free fall, and looked up as Beta, Gamma and Epsilon followed him.
He spread his arms out, and directed himself towards the building that was their target by pushing the air. He screamed towards the large factory, completely invisible in the moonlight.
When he estimated that he was within slowing distance, he pulled a cord that was coming out from his plastic backpack. There was a jolt as his parachute opened, and he fell towards the large factory-type building that lay below him. The wind was whistling past his helmet, and as he neared the target, he took a grenade from his belt and took the pin out.
He threw the grenade at the building, it bounced on the roof before exploding. It shattered the bricks around it and made a hole below Alpha. He disappeared through the hole in the roof, and landed on a stone floor.
Alpha raised his XM8 Prototype rifle, just as Beta, Gamma and Epsilon landed next to him.
A man was crouched over a computer screen, watching as a timer counted down from 1 hour.
"Freeze!" Alpha shouted, aiming his rifle at the man, "Stop the nuclear blast or you'll die."
The man turned around, "Unit 13, how very good timing. I was just about to decrease the time limit by half."
Beta growled, "How can you use a magical/nuclear bomb to destroy the world, you scum?"
The man smiled, "This bomb is a stroke of genius. It fires a nuclear blast, aided by magic, which will destroy the whole world, I am not scum, I am a genius."
Gamma sighed, "We're going to have to put a bullet in his head, aren't we?"
Epsilon nodded, "I believe we are."
Each of their voices sounded exactly the same due to a voice transformer built into their helmets. It distorted their voices, and made them unrecognisable.
Alpha twitched his rifle, "Stop the countdown, now."
"And you really think I'd try and destroy the world without help, don't you?" the man asked, and a door to Alpha's left opened. Another one to Gamma's right slid open with a hiss, and hundreds of zombies piled into the large room.
"Oh..." Alpha managed to say, just as the zombie horde closed in on them.
They stumbled towards them, mouthes open, a hungry look in their eyes. Alpha spun around, and fired a full magazine of bullets into the horde. Zombie after zombie was mown down by the rounds, but the ones behind them quickly filled in the gaps.
They were forced into a tight circle, firing randomly into the crowd. Thirty perished in seconds. A hundred in less than a minute. The zombies were all around them now, jaws clenching together with the thought of having brains for their dinner.
Beta dropped to his knees and emptied a magazine of bullets at knee-level at the zombies. Those shot collapsed and were crushed.
Alpha slotted another magazine into his gun just as a zombie broke from the wall of bullets and tried to bite him. He responded by grabbing the zombie by the throat, taking a grenade from his belt, taking the pin out, and stuffing it in the zombie's mouth. Alpha pushed the zombie away, and he stumbled back into the centre of the ring of zombies which surrounded Unit 13.
There was an explosion as the grenade detonated. The air was full of the dying screams of zombies, and smoke from the grenade explosion. It had left a hole in the floor, which a few zombies fell through, but the others pressed onwards.
Alpha couldn't see the rest of his team among the continous stream of zombies, but could hear their guns thudding around him.
Blood splattered the front of his silver armour and he fired more bullets at the zombies. Their numbers were dwindling now, only around thirty of them were left. He could see Beta, Gamma and Epsilon now. Alpha pushed the air and sent the zombies around him flying against the wall. He then drained the moisture from the air and threw it in a ball of water. It hit the zombies and he immediately changed the temperature in the air and froze the undead humans where they stood.
He walked up to them, clearing a space with his knife, and kicked the frozen zombies. They shattered on contact with his foot, and he smiled to himself inside his helmet.
Gamma despatched the last zombie with a pistol bullet to the head, and they closed in on the man who had built the magical-nuclear bomb.
"You thought that a few hundred zombies could defeat us?" Alpha snarled, "Now, turn off the bomb."
The man shook his head, "Nope."
Alpha sighed, aimed his rifle, and shot the man three times between the eyes. He was dead before he hit the floor.
The count down was clicking down now, only forty minutes left to save the world. Gamma stepped forward and started tapping away at the keyboard. After a few seconds, a single box came up on screen, "Access Denied".
"He's got it encrypted!" Gamma shouted, "Damn idiot."
"Move back." Beta sighed, drawing a rocket launcher from his back. Gamma walked behind Alpha, not wanting to be blown to pieces. Beta shouldered the rocket launcher and fired a missile at the computer at the opposite side of the room.
The missile exploded on impact, and the computer blew up, along with a huge chunk off the wall.
The bomb had been switched off by Beta's "shoot first and ask questions later" attitude.
Unit 13 aimed their wrists at the roof and fired grappling hooks at the ceiling. They pulled themselves through the hole they had entered through, just as Zeta let down a ladder from the helicopter. They climbed up.
Another mission completed.